Black and Gold Tibetan Calendar, 24k Gold Paintings, Tibetan Thangka 48*36cm


  • Tibetan Calendar
  • Black and Gold
  • 24k Gold Paintings
  • Old and rare
  • Masterpiece


Tibetan astrology is based on principles of both Chinese and Indian astrology. These principles are considered the foundations to learn traditional Tibetan medicine.
This intricate thangka painting is both a Tibetan calendar and an astrological diagram.

The central figure is a turtle laying on her back. The central circle is divided into nine areas containing the Nine Sacred Numbers surrounded by the eight symbols of Chinese Taoist cosmology representing the fundamental principles of reality.
The following circle represent the sixty years cycle divided in twelve areas in which are depicted twelve animals: dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog, pig, mouse, bull, tiger and rabbit.

The deities depicted on the top are from left to right: Vajrapani, Manjushri and Chenrezig.
The symbol on the top left is the Kalachakra script representing the wheel of time.
All the other symbols are representations of the astrological chart and Tibetan cosmology.
This diagram is important to calculate monthly and yearly horoscopes and it is also considered a talisman that attracts positive energy and brings good fortune.


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