Black and Gold,Vajrapani, (God of Protection) Tibetan Thangka 89*66cm



  • Vajrapani
  • Size  48*36cm
  • God of protection
  • Wrathful paintings
  • Small size thangka suitable for home and office décor
  • Painted on Canvas
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Vajrapani is regarded as the personification of power and the guardian of the tantric teachings of the Buddha. In time out of mind he was assigned the task of vanquishing a demon known as Nagpo Tsalak and was blessed with a name that literally means “Conqueror of the Four Quarters.” At that time he also swore to uphold the teachings of the thousand buddhas for this entire eon. He is said to have many pure lands, accessible to the few who know the paths by which to enter them. The realm where he is personally said to dwell is called Chang Lo Chen in Tibetan, or Adákavati in Sanskrit.

His dark blue hue indicates that he never ceases to be absorbed in the blissful Truth Body or Dharmakaya. Although he appears as a wrathful deity, in fact his wrath is merely to protect the dharma from those who would destroy it. The vajra he holds in his right hand represents the knowledge that is the essence of the teachings of the Buddha. He is often depicted in a triad with Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri known as Rigsum Gonpo, symbolizing the qualities necessary for enlightenment – compassion, wisdom and power.



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