Medicine Buddha, Tibetan Thangka 48-36cm


Size =(48-36cm Core Painting Only)
Material used = Cotton canvas, natural pigment, gold leaf
~Excellent for home/office décor or meditation~
~Genuine 100% hand-painted from Himalayas~
~✈Worldwide Shipping~


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The Medicine Buddha does not just help heal any physical, mental or spiritual aliments, he heals the damage the Three Poisons have caused in our past or present life times. He can heal anything in your life be it to mend a relationship, to trouble in the work place. His right hand is in the mudra of generosity and he holds a myrobalan plant, the only herb in Tibetan Medicine that can cure all of The Three Poisons. His left hand is facing up demonstrating meditative stability. The cause of all sickness is due to a lack of contentment or the addictive qualities of samsara. To demonstrate the need for contentment he has a begging bowl resting in his left hand. The earliest Buddhist teachings proclaim that to see Medicine Buddha, look at an image of Medicine Buddha, or to say or hear his mantra just one time you will never be reborn in the lower realms.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 75 × 4 cm


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