Avalokiteshvara with 8 Arms, Nepali art, Black and white 46*34cm


  • Black and white paintings.
  • Newari art (Nepali art).
  • Avalokiteshvara with 8 arms.
  • Best size for the home and office decor.


Avalokiteshvara, is a Sambhogakaya Buddha manifestation, a pure, subtle manifestation that is the union of prana and mind and not simply a fantasy form. Avalokiteshvara represents the pure power of enlightened energy. Such form inherently exists in the pure nature of mind and can manifest to everyone, because pure Buddha nature is the nature of all sentient beings. Avalokiteshvara form body represents complete perfection. And in order to do the meditation on Avalokiteshvara properly, it is very important to be able to visualize his light-form and each detail as precisely as possible and understand what it represents.


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